CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp Challenge (Individual)

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Are you tired of the fatigue/insomnia merry-go-round? Do you battle with things like weight gain, sugar cravings, inflammation or mood swings? Then we have the solution for you. The CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp Challenge could be the answer for which you have been looking.

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Cleangoodeats Sugar Detox – Bootcamp Challenge

Welcome to the CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp. I am so glad that you have made this decision for your health. CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp, VIP and Coaching Intensives have been met with phenomenal results. I am Sakinah Bunch, your Holistic Relationship Health and Wellness Coach. It is my pleasure to spend the next 28 days with you helping you achieve your goal of sugar detoxing.

Welcome. If you have an issue with cravings, yeast overgrowth, weight, emotional attachment, fatigue, inflammation, mood swings, brain fog, insomnia, etc., then you have come to the right place. It is time for you to experience the ultimate in self-care in the form of the CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp.


In this program you will receive:

  • Videos – Weekly instructional videos on the topic of the week to keep you motivated and not overwhelmed. Make sure you have cleangoodeats@gmail.com saved to your email.


  • CGE Sugar Detox Grocery List – This list will get you started and pumped up for all of the delicious food you will be able to have.
    • Sugar Detox Recipes – 47 CGE Sugar Detox recipes to get you started
      • 10 Breakfast recipes
      • 10 Lunch/dinner recipes
      • 10 Side dish recipes
      • 5 Dessert recipes
      • 5 Snack recipes
      • 7 Condiment/sauce recipes
  • Daily Journal with Nutritional Information
    • Daily step by step instruction and motivation to support you, a great addition to your video program
    • Nutritional breakdown of approved foods
    • CGE Sugar Detox Plan Indicator – to help you determine your meal plan placement
    • Meal portion recommendations
    • Food substitutions for when those cravings hit and you don’t know what to do


  • Access to CGE Sugar Detox FB Group – You will have access to this FB group 24/7. The purpose is for you to have a place that is more private than our FB page to ask your questions. Although this is a very loosely moderated group, feel free to post questions, triumphs, and encouragement for others here and tag me.

*This program is not nutritionally suited for vegan or vegetarian diet plans as there is an emphasis on animal-based proteins and whole foods, however it is keto, paleo and whole-food approved.

  • Please read disclosure before purchase. By purchasing you are agreeing to disclosure and liability.

Need a little extra accountability?

  • Upgrade to the CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp VIP Program
    • Virtual grocery store tour included
    • 1 Weekly video conference 1 on 1 coaching calls each week of the detox program

**Please read disclosure before purchase. By purchasing you are agreeing to disclosure and liability.

1 review for CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp Challenge (Individual)

  1. Lisa Jackson

    Quitting sugar cold turkey is not easy!!! But this approach was simpler to manage that I thought. We focused on whole foods with natural flavor and actually tasting our foods. Great recipes, helpful support, and always alternative options for snacks or sweets we crave out of habit instead of nutrition.

    My husband lost 22 lbs and I lost 15. Our clothes fit differently and we feel like we can have a better relationship with food. We are definitely more conscious of sugar lurking in places we didn’t even think to look. Read the labels! Having the journal, we have committed to doing this detox twice a year.

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