7 foods to fight disease 3 to avoid like the plague

Which of these food mistakes do you make?

Do you struggle to know what foods are healthy and which ones put you at risk for disease?

Do you stand in the grocery store like a deer caught in headlights just trying to find something nutritious for you and your family to eat? 



“7 Foods to Fight Disease, 3 Foods to Avoid Like the Plague” offers a stress free solution to the confusion.

  • Easy to follow video with workbook to reinforce what you have learned which can help you map out your next steps toward health. 
  • Hands on application which allows you to effectively implement what you have learned.
  • Unlimited access to the purchased program so that you can learn at your convenience which means that you never have to worry you will run out of time or miss out on the information.


  • Included in your program you will also receive the “10 Sources of Fiber: Insoluble vs. Soluble” which will guide you to the top 10 sources of fiber taking the guesswork out of finding fiber rich sources to add to your present eating style.


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