No Name-Calling Week:

How do you talk about yourself?

January 20th, was recognized as National No Name Calling Week, a week that focuses on ending name calling and bullying in schools and shines a spotlight on ways that kids can be kind and compassionate toward each other instead. 

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The week was inspired by the James Howe novel, The Misfits about students who decided to run for student council on a No Name-Calling platform after being bullied themselves. I love this because bullying in schools has been an issue for as long as I can remember. It was definitely an issue when I was a child.  But there’s something else I want to focus on in honor of No Name-Calling week, and that is the way we refer to and talk about ourselves.

It’s one thing when outsiders speak to us in a way that makes us feel less than, but the most important words spoken about us are the ones we speak about ourselves and if there’s one thing you know about me, whether it be from what you’ve learned through my business or my blog, you know that I believe in addressing the ROOT of all things. Well, the same goes for the words we speak about ourselves. How you feel about you stems from what you believe about yourself. Have you ever even stopped to think about that? How you feel about you? If you haven’t, take a second to think about it. Grab a pen and a piece of paper if you can and write it out on paper so that you have a visual of what you think about yourself because sometimes, when we see our thoughts in writing they affect us differently.

I personally, believe what my Creator says about me and this makes all the difference in how I think and speak about myself. God says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I’m the light of the world, that I’m His daughter and a part of His royal family. I believe these things, 100% and these beliefs are THE foundation of every thought, word, and action that flows from me. I also know that any negative thoughts or words that come from my mouth are not words God would want me to use about His creation. I know they’re false because that’s not who I am.

So, my challenge to you in honor of No Name-Calling week in addition to writing down the things you think and say about yourself is; Think about what it is that forms your beliefs about yourself? And if these things that you believe are bad or negative, I want you to make a pledge to choose the exact opposite. Choose to believe that your life is full of purpose and meaning and know, that you too are fearfully and wonderfully made because the same God who created me, created you too.

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