3 benefits to becoming a donor

One of the benefits of having a business centered on the health and wellness industry is becoming aware of all of the needs and causes that exist in our society.  Almost every month of the year has been dedicated to bringing awareness to a specific cause or need that we have and this month is National Blood Donor Month. Please, don’t feel bad if you didn’t realize this was a thing. I didn’t realize it until I found my family member right smack dab in the middle of a life or death situation. This cause is near and dear to my heart because my husband was recently in need of daily transfusions after a cancer crisis ensued. He needed multiple types of transfusions daily for 8 weeks. 

In my former life, my military days, I was a laboratory technician in the U.S. Army. I actually did my blood bank training at Walter Reed Army Hospital in our nation’s capital. Yet, I did not fully understand the impact that donations had, nor the fear that can overcome you when you have a loved one in need and it is not available.

According to the American Red Cross, the ability to meet the need for blood products drastically decreases in the winter time due to everything from harsh weather conditions causing donors to reschedule, to seasonal illnesses ( i.g., the flu).

Trust me, I understand that donating blood can be a scary thing. The fear of needles is very real for some and watching blood being drawn from your body can be an…experience. However, donating blood is one of the most selfless things we can do.  In addition to saving other human lives, there are benefits to the donor as well! I’ve listed benefits to both below:

1. The Multiplier Effect – Did you know that everytime a pint of blood is donated, it has the potential to save three lives? Yes, it’s true! Blood can be separated into the components: red cells, platelets, and plasma which in turn, caters to three different needs.

2. Donating blood burns calories! – Did you know that the blood donation process burns a whopping 650 calories? That’s the equivalent of a 60 minute rigorous exercise class such as, kickboxing, spinning, boot camp, etc. Who would have thought?

3. Reduces the risk of heart disease – Donating blood can reduce the risk of heart disease because it helps to eliminate the excess build up of iron in the body.

You can learn more about the process and benefits of becoming a blood donor by contacting the American Red Cross. They can direct you to your local area where you can help people in your community with your donation.  It is a wonderful way of being able to say, “I saved someone’s life today.”

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