Intimacy Begins in the Kitchen

I have a single friend who always jokes about how she will never cook for a boyfriend and how she will only fire up the stove for her future husband…once he becomes her husband that is.  I always laugh when she says this but I understand it completely. My response to her is always, “Yes, I agree, but don’t just cook for your husband. Cook with him.”

The Couple That Cooks Together…

Cooking for someone can be one of the most intimate acts we perform and cooking with someone can be even more intimate!  Today, unfortunately, our lives are much more hectic and on the go than they used to be.  Family dinners at the table are near extinction mainly due to a lack of time, and everywhere you look there’s a meal delivery service that has everything planned out in an effort to take the labor out of preparing a meal. But cooking doesn’t have to be seen as a chore.  Because of the nurturing and healing qualities of food, cooking can and should actually be viewed as a labor of love.

From working together to make sure you have the right ingredients, feeding each other during impromptu taste tests, to bonding while you’re waiting for the timer to go off, coming together to prepare a meal can be a relationship mending experience. After all, when two people cook together, they are working together to ensure a delicious outcome that will leave both of them happy!

Out of my love for family and food, I created a cooking class for couples that, not only walks them step by step through preparing a delicious meal, but it also places a huge emphasis on team building and relying on each other. This is why I call my class, “Intimacy Begins in the Kitchen” because I truly believe it does. And the love and intimacy that can be created in the kitchen have the power to overflow on to the dinner table, further strengthening the bond between the couple, as well as the rest of the family.

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