Interview with Allison Efaw-Part 2:
Foods That Heal

Sanoviv, a medical institute founded by Dr. Myron Wentz., is a “fully licensed hospital that offers a unique blend of conventional, alternative and integrative programs.”Dr. Wentz is also the founder of Usana, a multi-level marketing supplement company. These supplements are used by Doctor Oz as well as a number of Olympic and Spartan athletes. As we mentioned last week, Dr. Wentz doesn’t treat patients. He studies cells and he’s also an epidemiologist and microbiologist. He knows how to heal the cells. If you heal the cells you will eventually heal from the gut outward, throughout the rest of your body.

During her research, Allison started talking to people who had been to Sanoviv, not just for cancer, but for everything from diabetes to other ailments. Their testimonies solidified Allison’s decision to go there for treatment. She went and stayed at the institute for a month. The treatments Allison received were ones that weren’t offered at any of the usual cancer institutes we hear about. They did everything from circumin IVs (a spice found in curry), hypothermia treatments, to hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments. All of these methods have been known to kill cancer stem cells.

Allison shared that they also did a lot of treatment on the teeth. When Allison had her wisdom teeth removed over 20 years ago and when they closed up the spaces, they did not get all the bacteria out. They found these pockets on her panoramic x-rays that looked like they were filled with bacteria or puss. She had anaerobic bacteria in both sides of her gums. This means her body was constantly in a fight or flight state and it was putting out infections for 20 something years. Studies conducted by the institute also revealed that well over 90% of breast cancer patients had received dental treatments such as root canals, and mercury fill-ins performed.

They went in, treated these areas, sewed her back up and guess what? She never had one pain medication. Instead, they gave her ozone therapy and heavily oxygenated and ozonated olive oil. Normally a person can’t speak for a month after that but she was speaking within three days.

Healing Foods
Chemo and radiation do NOT kill cancer stem cells. Foods like broccoli sprouts, pomegranate seeds and circumin however, do! “It’s like these food items know what that cell is going to turn into and they eradicate this” Allison said. She is a firm believer, and so are we here at Cleangoodeats, that God put everything we need on this earth to heal our bodies.

Unfortunately, doctors don’t read up on these studies but just because they don’t read them doesn’t mean they don’t work. Allison revealed that actually, doctors have reached out to her because they have family members dying. Two surgeons and one internal medicine doctor to be exact. They shared with her that they had very little to no nutritional training but they received pharmaceutical training weekly.

One of the many benefits of Allison’s time at the Sanoviv Medical Institute was the food training she received. They trained her on things like juicing, coffee enemas, prepping healthy healing meals, soups, etc.

Healing Foods that Allison incorporates
Nutritionists did metabolic typing testing on Allison to see what diet/way of eating would be best for her. The following items are approved for her diet:

  • Dark green leafy veggies, green apple.
  • Carrots (better for her in whole form vs. juicing).
  • Organic turkey, chicken, and fish.
  • No dairy
  • No gluten
  • No sugar

**Her diet is primarily plant-based and as close to raw as possible.

Juicing and blending
We all know how crucial fiber is to a healthy gut but the standard American diet contains very little of it. Allison takes the pulp she gets from juicing and uses it to make soup broths, etc. She uses the following method:

Place the pulp in a pot, add filtered water. Strain it after a few hours and it makes a nice veggie soup broth. Add onions, garlic, celery, etc., and it makes a good veggie broth.

She also uses the pulp to blend with water and make a drink.

In addition to her time at Sanoviv, Allison had plenty of literature to help her throughout her diagnosis and treatment. The following are some of the books she recommends for anyone dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis:


  1. What the Bible says about Healthy Living by Rex Russell MD
  2. Soupelina’s Soup Cleanse by Elina Fuhrman
  3. 31-Day Food Revolution by Ocean Robbins
  4. Indian Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre
  5. EMF Freedom
  6. Salt: Your way to health by David Brownstein, MD
  7. Cancer Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic healing by Bill Henderson and Carlos M.Garcia, MD

Allison stated that it’s very helpful to find people who have faced this obstacle and find doctors who, if they aren’t familiar with alternative methods of treatment, they are willing to help you find someone who does. “The conventional way does help people but it doesn’t help all of us. You need to find an oncologist who is open and willing to help you. My oncologist referred me to someone he knew who could help me with the treatment route I wanted to take.”

After conventional doctors failed her, Allison relied on the Great Physician and asked for His wisdom. As a Christian, she believed it was God’s will to heal her. The more she prayed, the more God showed her things. She made a stack of verses on index cards and that’s when things really opened up because she believed she would be healed. She started to learn about other things like medicinal marijuana, supplements, the kinds of foods to prepare , etc. That’s what helped her fight. “Jesus never turned a single person away for healing” she said. Embracing this truth made all the difference during her fight.

Allison is a servant of God and she is willing to serve wherever He places her. If you have any questions about breast cancer, Allison’s treatment, etc., she is open to receiving emails at, . She is living proof that stage 4 breast cancer doesn’t have to be the final diagnosis. With faith, determination, and consistency, she fought cancer back, and you can too.

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