How to wage a preventive war on cancer

Over the past month we’ve been discussing cancer here at CGE. I’ve shared details with you about the personal war we’re waging on the disease, as well as provided some of the statistical facts that are relevant here in America. This week, I want to talk about cancer from more of a preventative perspective and you know me! Of course, I am a firm believer that the fight against any disease in our body begins with what we’re putting in it. If you read my blog post, “7 things I wish I knew as a caregiver”, I briefly mentioned the lack of proper nutrition I found available throughout the healthcare facilities that my husband and I have spent time in over the past few months. I also mentioned how while in California, I spent time preparing food for him during my stay at The Fisher House, a place provided for the caregivers of those who were caring for loved ones who are hospitalized. While I do believe it is the responsibility of healthcare facilities to provide the right foods for patients, I also realize that when patients arrive at these hospitals, doctors and nurses are focused on the best form of treatment the fastest way possible. Which brings me to my main point: food and nutrition in terms of cancer is definitely something we need to be considering as preventive medicine.

According to Medical News Today, One out of every 2 women and one out of every 3 men in the U.S., will at some time in their lives have cancer. That’s a startling statistic, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be true, not if we make the decision to truly focus on what our bodies need to properly function and feed them for fuel over cravings. How often do we do that? How often do we make the decision to eat something because we know our bodies need it versus picking up something quick because we’re starving and we have a taste for it? Being able to make that mental shift to think of food as fuel can be challenging but I truly believe that being armed with the right information and knowing how food affects our bodies on a cellular level is a huge part of that battle. Knowing how our bodies are reacting to certain things or how it suffers when we lack particular nutrients can be very helpful. 

Because of this, I’ve created a course that arms you with the knowledge you need to take all the preventive steps in order to turn this statistic into a lie! My online course, “7 Foods to Fight Disease, 3 Foods to Avoid Like the Plague” was designed to clear up any confusion you may have about the foods that are considered healthy choices and which ones you should avoid in order to make sure your body is receiving the proper nutrition. Our diets are killing us and inflammation is the basis of all disease in our bodies. This course will help you take the first step in equipping yourself to make healthier choices! Click here to learn more!

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