I love working out at home! Wait, ok, I don’t love working out anywhere, but I must admit that I don’t completely disdain working out when I can do it in the privacy of my home. I don’t know about you, but I am discovering things about myself that I haven’t noticed before. One of those things is when I workout I need a partner. Well, in this age of social isolation I have discovered the people in my home do not want to work out with me. 

So what do I do to increase my joy in exercising without an in-home workout buddy? I work out with a friend via Facetime. Yup. Ok, actually that person doesn’t want to work out with me either, but they are willing to talk to me so I don’t have to focus on the slow-moving clock on my treadmill. We have such great conversations that before I know it 20 minutes has gone by and my exercise time is done. 

However, treadmills or big machines can bore many after a while. We have two choices in this scenario. We can either stop exercising altogether, with or without our Facetime friend, or we can choose to be more creative for those times when our Facetime friend cannot be with us. 

Below are some budget-friendly, nostalgia-driven activities that will increase your movement and make you feel like you have done a full body work out at the gym. The bonus is that there is no gym membership required.

Here are 5 ideas for fun ways to get in shape:

  1. Hula hoop. Did you know they make special hoops that are balanced with weights for different parts of your body? How cool is that? Before you know it, you’ll be toned and in shape, all while having fun in the process!
  1. Jump rope. Did you know that jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging for 30? Talk about an effective fat burner! You don’t have to buy a fancy jump rope. A regular one will do.
  1. Fly a kite. If the weather is right, you can exercise just by flying a kite. It is a great activity to try, especially if you have kids to enjoy it with you.
  1. Dance. You know that saying, “Dance like no one is watching?” Yes! Do that! Even if you think you don’t know how to dance, or have no natural rhythm, dancing can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of online classes and tutorials via YouTube and even Instagram!
  1. Gardening. Gardening also has many benefits to include exercising. It’s more of a physical activity than most people think it is and on top of that, you’re doing it outside, taking in the fresh air and absorbing the sunshine!

See, getting in an effective workout doesn’t have to solely be about weights, treadmills or Zumba classes. Nothing against Zumba instructors, they are amazing and have given me a run for my money on many occasions.  However, engaging in these activities can burn just as many calories as a session in the gym. And oh, let’s not forget that while we’re quarantined, we have to keep our snacking in control as well! We don’t want our efforts to be for naught. I’ve seen many jokes online about people blowing through their snacks in a matter of hours! In an effort not to come out of this national lockdown 15 pounds heavier, let’s not forget that nutrition is 80% of the equation when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In case you missed my blog last week, my CGE BrUNCH Sisterhood membership is a great option for nutritional as well as physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Click here for more information about the membership!

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