• As you all know, I love, love, LOVE interacting with my Cleangoodeats family! Whether it’s through one-on-one consultations, group cooking classes, or interacting with you all in the comments and Facebook groups, the thing that fuels me and truly motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing is the human connection I make with so many of you.  A few weeks ago, I was thinking about a way I could grow those connections and possibly even connect more of you to each other and well, you won’t believe what I’ve come up with: CGE Family, I am excited to introduce to you the CGE BrUNCH Membership!

What is it, you ask? Well, let me tell you! As I just mentioned, a good portion of my connection with some of you is online and I refer to you all as family because you’ve basically become that! I thought to myself, “How could I go beyond the Q&A Wednesdays and provide the CGE family with something that’s, not only nutritionally informative, but also physically, mentally, and spiritually fulfilling?” Hence, the idea for a brunch was born! Think about it like this: brunch is one meal that we don’t expect to rush through. It’s that one meal where we plan to sit down, relax, eat, drink, and be merry!  I know that most of us are so busy on a regular basis that the majority of our meals are either rushed or on the go and I wanted to do something that is the exact opposite.

This BrUNCH community is intended to be one in which like-minded women can come together and be real, judgment free, and share and learn amongst each other, all while enjoying excellent food! I’ve created two different levels of membership for you all: the Appetizer level and the Entree level. Each level has its own creative perks, some of them being:

  • Online training on specific health-driven topics
  • Discounts on CGE products and services
  • Live cooking classes

**and so much more!

Below you will find the flyer that explains the CGE BrUNCH Membership in more detail but I wanted to give you a brief overview of what it is and why I wanted to embark on this amazing journey with you! I’m really excited about it! I hope that you will reach out if you have any questions so that we can sign you up, register you in our Facebook group and start brunching!

Cleangoodeats Membership

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