Happy Friday CGE Family!  Now, I know you’ve heard me talk about how important a strong immune system is before but I felt like of all the time I’ve discussed it, now is a better time than any! Have you ever heard the saying, “Health is wealth?” I couldn’t agree with that saying more, but I would add, “Immunity Health is Wealth.” 

So what exactly is your immune system and why is it so important? The immune system is a combination of organs, blood cells and proteins that work within your body to maintain your health. It attacks foreign invaders coming in so that your health can be maintained.  When it’s working properly, you experience mental clarity, no brain fog, your energy levels are higher, and you have the ability to sleep better and longer. Hormonal imbalances tend to balance out when your immune system is working as well.

When it’s not working however, inflammation, insomnia, leaky gut syndrome, are just a few of the many different things that are caused by a faulty immune system.

If you’re new to the CGE Family, everyone else that’s been here for a while will tell you that I am a huge proponent of keeping our immune systems strong and in fighting position. I wanted to share a few ways that we do so in my home so that you can begin building grade A immunity as well!

7 ways to boost immunity:

Vitamin D – Interaction with the sun allows our bodies to make Vitamin D3, but if you can’t be out in the sun, you can get supplements. And please be aware that Vitamin D 3 is the one you need because it’s what our bodies produce naturally. Vitamin D2 is a synthetic vitamin, but sometimes that’s what’s prescribed.

Elderberry syrup – 1 teaspoon a day. If you feel something coming on you may want to up that a little.

Peppermint tea – tastes good and it’s an antioxidant. Green tea and dandelion tea are excellent choices as well.

Sufficient – C This is a high dose vitamin C.  You can eat foods with vitamin C but if you’re at a point where you feel your immune system going down, you need a supplement. Vitamin C is the Rolls Royce of supplements. You can find this particular one on Amazon. One scoop in about 10 ounces of water and you’re good to go!

Fresh ginger – Fresh ginger can be used in teas. It’s a natural immune booster and it’s great for nausea and digestion as well.

Probiotics – I order Ultraflora Balance from Amazon. It’s a daily gastrointestinal and immune health support. This is one that has to be refrigerated. 



Essential oils – Essential oils are extremely important because they are excellent at fighting or warding off viral infections. Many of them like oil of oregano, frankincense for example, are antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Here are some of the oils I keep in our home: 



-Tea tree oil 

-Oil of oregano

 -Frankincense – It’s normally about $90.00 so if you see it for about $30.00, steer clear

-Purify – Great oil for cleaning and disinfecting.

I hope these were helpful for you. Also, keep in mind that when you’re purchasing supplements of any type, you do not want to get synthetic ones. You want to get the most organic ones you can get because synthetic ones can weaken your immune system instead of strengthening it.

 Also, we are starting a membership. It’s called the CGE BrUNCH Sisterhood Community.  Brunch is that one meal where you know you’re going to sit there and have time with the girls to talk about anything under the sun and feel close and comfortable. That’s the essence of this brunch.  We’ll be talking about things like immune boosters, benefits of things like high dose vitamin C, essential oils, and how to make 15 minute meals even! I would love for you to be a part of it. The BrUNCH Sisterhood begins April 1st, but if you sign up for the community today you’re going to get over $300 in bonuses which includes, my cookbook and a free 30 minute session with me. Go to CGEBrunch.com to sign up!

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