Hello CGE Family! Happy Tuesday! I wanted to take this time to send some cheer your way and pray that you’re making good use of your time staying at home.  I pray that you’re well. I pray that you’re getting the proper nutrients, still getting sunlight when you can, being creative with ways to spend family time, all of those good things.  I do understand however, that with the kids being out of school and your home duties being increased could add a little bit of stress. Well, guess what? April is Stress Awareness Month.

Stress is something that we’ve all dealt with at one point in our lives and to a certain extent, it can be truly debilitating and cause health problems that we aren’t even aware of.  Stress can even make existing health problems ten times worse. Symptoms of stress can be very vague at times and they can vary depending on the person. It can affect everything from your emotions, your thinking ability, and even your physical health.  Some of the symptoms of stress, this thing that can be dubbed as a silent killer, include things we would never suspect such as:

     -Becoming easily agitated, frustrated, and moody

     -Avoiding others/isolation

     -Feeling overwhelmed


     -Chest pains

     -Fatigue/low energy

These are just a few symptoms of what stress can cause.  Luckily, there are easy ways to combat stress and its symptoms, given that it doesn’t lead to bigger health problems. Following a few of these tips should help you deal with stress and the symptoms of stress a little better:

     -Avoiding caffeine – Caffeine has the ability to alter your heart rate and blood 

pressure. Add stress to this and it can greatly be exacerbated.  

     -Get more exercise I know, I know, I say this a lot but exercise helps us to release toxins from our bodies and creates all kinds of good endorphins!

     -Get more sleep – Another solution that may seem cliché but it seems that way 

for a reason. Getting adequate rest allows your body to reset and recharge.  Everything from your brain to your digestive system gets a chance to reset when 

you get the proper amount of sleep.

     -Learn how to say no – Because we love our family and friends, we will go out of 

our way to make other people comfortable, even at the expense of our own 

comfort. However, we have to learn the art of saying no. We have to learn that 

there is a such thing as putting too much on our plate and often times, we don’t 

realize it until we’re at the point of a nervous breakdown.  There is nothing 

wrong with setting boundaries for yourself, so do it.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that everything going on in the world may be adding a little bit of stress for some. If so, try some of the techniques above to improve your quality of life and to get you through these next couple of weeks of this “new routine” we’ve had to establish for ourselves.  A little stress relief can only do you good right about now! Also, later in the week I will be doing a series on frugal living in the midst of a pandemic and how to ease the stress that can be brought on by finances, etc. Stay tuned to the CGE Facebook page for details!

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