How Our CGE Family is Waging the War on Cancer! Part 2

Happy Tuesday, CGE crew! As promised, here is the second part to our interview series; “How Our CGE Family is Waging the War on Cancer!” On Friday, we left off on a discussion about functional medicine and how Omar visiting a functional medicine doctor played a part in his recovery. We’re picking right back up where we left off!

S: What was really good about this doctor?

O: There were actually several things that were good about this doctor. One, he’s a former military officer who is a medical doctor as well and he had some health challenges toward the end of his military career that really opened his eyes to this medical system and what deficiencies we really have. This helped him relate to me. He was also able to relate to me spiritually. He too, is a God-fearing man and he didn’t believe in forcing options on me that I wasn’t comfortable with.

S: I think that one of the things that blessed me was the last visit we had with him, he was talking with you about your bible study…

O: Yes! At my church we’re doing a bible study on the book of Titus and what it looks like to do good as a Christian and why it’s important to do good. The doctor was able to see something I had that let him know I was reading Titus so he started the whole session off with talking about Titus for a few minutes first. He did what a lot of doctors in my experience really don’t do and that’s get to know the patient and get to know what’s really going on in the patient’s life as opposed to a simple “So how are you doing today?” He found common ground with me and we had a real meaningful conversation that led into our session.

S: He’s just awesome and it’s a husband and wife team but the whole office is awesome. I definitely want to give a huge shout out to the office manager, Deb. She is just amazing. Generally the office manager or secretary, that’s the first person you see that welcomes you into the office. When we got there, she came and gave us this great big bear hug, “I’m so glad that you all are here!” And it’s not like we’re the only people in the office.

O: No, she knew us. I’ll never forget when we made the appointment. When we were getting off the phone she said, “I cannot wait to meet you all.” And you know, that was warm in itself but when we got to the office, she really came around the corner like, “Oh, you’re here! I’m so excited you guys are here! I have been waiting to meet you. I can’t wait to sit down and talk with you!” And this is the office manager.

O: And she really talked with us. Again, she spent time getting to know us even further, know what we’re into as far as things outside of this cancer thing. In that office they have genuine concern for their patients because as I see other people come in and out and I watch them interact with each other, they’re very in tune with their patients.

S: Honestly before we started this journey, I had talked about functional medicine but if I didn’t believe in that process before, I definitely believe in it now because I see what it does. We live in an either/or society. Either we have to be all natural or we have to be all conventional. And sometimes people asked “Well I thought you were so natural. Why in the world are you doing chemo?” And I had to explain that he was at a point where the cancer had infiltrated his bones so much that it infiltrated his marrow and he was no longer producing cells. Let me rephrase that: the cells that he was producing, they were so immature that they should never have come out of the bone marrow to begin with. So his body was just a hot mess. We unfortunately had to do the chemo because he needed to start making blood cells again. But the chemo was ripping him to shreds. It really was. He had no energy.

O: I was walking on a walker with the tennis balls.

S: He couldn’t recall a lot. In fact, I remember one time we were just finishing up with chemo which is an all-day process y’all. He finished his chemo and they gave him this nausea medicine that just wipes him out. This time it was almost like he was drunk. The only two people who were left in the entire clinic was a nurse and an aide. That’s it. So they just released him! No wheelchair, no nothing and I’m like, “Oh no, he needs a wheelchair!” So they give him a wheelchair and nobody assists us in going downstairs. It was unreal. But I’m thankful because with the assistance of the supplements that he’s taking through the functional medicine doctor, his mind is much better off now and he has more energy now, where before, he had to take about 2 to 3 naps per day.

O: Yeah, December going into January, if I got up and walked from my bedroom, to the kitchen, and maybe back to the bedroom, I would have to lay down. And if I actually went out and tried to do something, like wash dishes or whatever, I’d have to take a nap. My co-workers can attest to this. When they came over to check on me, I would just disappear on them because I would have to go lie down and take a nap. It was that draining and depleting.

S: So again, if I wasn’t a fan of functional medicine before I am definitely a fan of functional medicine now because it really does make a difference.

S: You want to talk about the good news?

O: So the good news is, as I said, this will kind of be my mantra until full healing. But I’ve come a long way. I’ve got a long way to go but I’ve come a long way, and to give you an idea, I had a scan done of my body to determine what the cancer is doing, whether it’s getting worse, whether it’s getting better. And long story short, the cancer is regressing. Still a ways to go but it is regressing and I was so happy and elated to hear that because the last few weeks, as my wife was saying, I felt good. I just didn’t know what the cancer was doing but I knew my energy felt higher. People who were seeing me said I was looking good, although I didn’t necessarily feel I was looking good.

S: He gained 8 pounds, y’all! You’re not gonna glance over this because he likes to glance over it…

O: I’m actually about to talk about that because I lost so much weight. I lost almost 60 pounds and that was a concern of mine and it just seemed like everytime I was going to the doctor, the scale was saying the same thing. So one day I go in there, I jumped on the scale and it said 180 something. And I was like, “Okay, maybe I’m wearing some heavier clothes or something.” The next day when I went to my oncologist and I saw the weight was still there I was like, “Ohhhh, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” I have never been so happy to gain weight in my life because I really thought that I was going to waste away to 150 pounds.

S: And there’s no way I’m weighing more than you! No way!

O: And it was rough because I was trying to eat more but it was difficult to eat more just because I really didn’t have the appetite. Slowly but surely however, it’s coming back and that 8 pounds was a big, big bonus for us. But as I said, according to the scans, the cancer has regressed some. And so we still need to continue doing the things, getting the supplements in me…

S: Because you still get tired…

O: Oh yeah! I still get tired. Earlier today I took a nap. So basically when I take chemo, there’s going to be a period where I might not have as much energy as I had leading up to chemo. I get tired after chemo because it drains you but I’m able to bounce back quicker now with the supplementation, the nutrition. I’m not where I need to be with my nutrition but I’m getting there. So the good news is that the cancer has regressed and we are continuing to push forward with it, continuing to believe in God and what He’s doing, and I’m thankful because He’s placed each of you in our lives and all of you have contributed to this healing in some way, whether it be the prayers, actually coming over and moving furniture, whatever. Anything that has been positive, we receive. We had to let it be known that we’re not really entertaining any negative talk or anything that wasn’t going to be about building up this whole process, hence some of the doctors had to go. But, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

S: So with all of that, I’m excited for you, dude…

O: I’m truly excited. Don’t get me wrong: people see me smiling and everything and I mean there’s constant…I would call them attacks, where things creep in and people try to steal your joy or different things try to steal your joy but my belief is in God and what He’s going to do and that’s where we remain.

S: And I think too people are under the notion that when they see you smiling all the time on Facebook, “Oh, they don’t have any problems. You know the cancer is good. They’re gonna be fine.” You know, yes, we believe in the Lord. The Lord said that he is going to be able to give his testimony in the land of the living and we are firm believers in the promises of the Lord. I will say this, there are days when I’ve got to kind of pull him up and days when he has to kind of pull me up. So it’s not all roses. It’s not, but we know we can’t stay down because when you are down and you stay down then everything else starts going downhill too. Do you agree with that?

O: 100%.

S: And that’s why it’s so important, the people that you have around you, they need to be some positive people. If they’re not positive then they have to go. Your primary relationships, this is the main primary relationship right here. The relationship that you have with yourself. So if people around you are not speaking life into you, then that means that they are speaking death. There’s really no in between. Would you agree with that?

O: 100%. Medical personnel included.

S: Family included!

O: Family,  medical personnel. You don’t want them lying to you but if they’re just bringing nonsense, replace them. Especially medical personnel, trust me. There are plenty of great medical people out there who can be an asset to your life. So just be wise and put in work for yourself to understand what you’re going through. I joke and laugh all the time about how I’m not a medical person but I have learned so much about myself medically that I had no clue about prior to all of this going on.

S: I bet he can tell you what the norm is for a platelet count, red blood cell count and a white blood cell count.

O: I didn’t even know I had platelets. But yes again, I just want to say thank you and ask for continued prayer because I tell everyone that that’s probably the most important thing, is good prayer over us and for us…

S: And our children too.

O: Definitely our children, from the oldest to the youngest. Another blessing has been that we’ve been able to interact with and meet so many people on this journey that we’ve never met face to face but just you all coming along side us and just being able to bless us and being able to speak life into us and encouraging us. I get text and Facebook messages and although I may not be able to jump on and say thank you, I thank you all because I read them all. This has really just shown me another side of humanity because I know in our society we like to focus on the negative. This is definitely all positive. It will look like a negative thing starting out, but we all made it a positive thing and I just, I love it. I love you all, I love my family and I can’t say thank you enough.




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