How Cancer is Treated Around the World

I’ve mentioned a couple of times over the last week or so the lack of nutritional options available in hospitals during my husband’s treatment.  As frustrated as I was, however, I couldn’t be upset with the medical staff because it’s not their fault. I knew from previous research I had done that nutrition isn’t taught to doctors in medical school and this isn’t just in America, this is a global issue. However, one of the differences I discovered globally is the law when it comes to treating cancer and how certain countries like Japan, are at such an advantage because medical laws allow their doctors to use whatever methods work best for the patient, whether it be conventional or unconventional methods. And guess what CGE family? When I took a peek behind the curtain at some of these unconventional methods, guess what was highly prioritized in the treatment of cancer? Nutrition.


I recently watched a documentary from the team that created The Truth About Cancer series. The first part of this documentary focused on how doctors in Japan are prioritizing unconventional methods to treat their patients affected by cancer because again, they’re allowed to do so! Some of the methods mentioned in this documentary sound so simple because the “medicines” being used are things that are available for ALL of us because they are things that are elements of nature, sprouted right from the ground! I’ve always been a firm believer that God has given us everything we need to heal our bodies, but for “some reason” these healing properties have been replaced with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery and using unconventional methods that lie outside of the pharmaceutical industry isn’t an option in western medicine.  What I wanted to do today, however, is give you a brief overview of what else exists out there, starting with a few doctors in Japan and how they treat cancer by using methods that many Americans aren’t even aware of. 


In Japan cancer and the risk of it is on the rise and according to many Japanese doctors, one of the causes of this is the Japanese people’s increase in desire for the American diet.  Dr. Osamu Mizukami, an oncologist, says that the Japanese people’s tendency to gravitate towards the American diet has led to obesity, higher cholesterol, and more diabetes. Dr. Mizukami has been using high doses of vitamin C injections for a half-century for cancer patients and some of his patients had great success.  He feels vitamin C treatment is a great weapon against cancer. Ozone therapy (O3) is another treatment Dr. Mizukami is a fan of. During this therapy, O3 is put into the blood because high oxygen blood can actually kill cancer. 


Dr. Maruyama, another Japanese doctor in favor of unconventional medicine, uses double fermented ginseng herb to treat cancer, along with many other herbs that are staples in Chinese medicine. Speaking of fermented herbs, fermented foods are good for you because they contain good bacteria (probiotics) and prebiotics, which are good for your gut flora and help you increase immune function. 70% of the immune system bacteria live in the gut flora and cancer can’t develop if your immune system is healthy. Guess what effect chemotherapy and drugs have on gut flora and good bacteria? They kill a lot of it.


Another doctor, Dr. Yanagisawa uses salvestrol, which is contained in fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It is natural for the body and it is not harmful to normal cells. However, it has an opposite effect on cancer cells because once it enters a cancer cell, it has an apoptosis effect, killing the cancer cells immediately. Salvestrol is produced by natural fruits and veggies the last day or 2 as they ripen on the vine.  Unfortunately, you only get this if you’re eating vine-ripened produce which we know is hard to do here in America unless you have access to a farm or grow your own vegetables.


These are just a FEW of the ways that doctors in other countries are leveraging things the earth provides to treat cancer. I will continue this discussion next time, along with a couple of testimonials from actual cancer patients who used methods you wouldn’t believe (water fasts, ketogenic diet) in order to heal themselves from cancer!

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