How Cancer is Treated Around the World: Japan Part 2

If you haven’t had a chance to read Tuesday’s post, which is part one of this post, please go read it here. It’s a GOOD one! We started talking about how cancer is approached and treated in other countries, focusing on Japan for these two posts. As I mentioned Tuesday, this information came from a documentary I watched that was loaded with so much helpful research and findings on how Japanese doctors are tackling the issue of increasing cancer in their country and how they’re allowed lawfully to use unconventional medicine to treat their patients. This week, I wanted to discuss a couple of methods that we didn’t get to discuss last week, as well as a couple of patient testimonials that I found to be nothing short of miraculous!

We all know that the Keto Diet has become the new diet fad in the United States over the last year or so and for good reason. In addition to the weight loss benefits, people who adapt to the keto lifestyle have seen improved cholesterol levels, freedom from diabetes, high blood pressure, and gained better clarity when it comes to their ability to think. But what if I told you that embracing a keto diet has also helped patients in China who were diagnosed with cancer to live longer? A Japanese patient by the name of Yuka Muranaka was diagnosed with uterine cancer sarcoma. She had surgery to have her uterus removed and per a doctor’s recommendation, she began taking chemo. After one round of chemo, however, she had an allergic reaction to the medication and stopped. She actually opted out of all forms of conventional medicine altogether and chose to look to the Cancer Control Society to find other methods of treatment. It was here that she discovered the keto diet, eating a diet that consisted of healthy meats, veggies, and oils with very low salt.  After six months on the diet, she felt healthier than she’s ever been, her skin was vibrant, and all of the hair she lost due to her chemo treatment grew back. 

Gerson Therapy is another method used to treat cancer in Japan. German-born American physician Max Gerson, developed the Gerson Therapy, a dietary-based alternative cancer treatment that he claimed could cure cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases.  Yukiyo Kawada, a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer decided to try Gerson Therapy. She juiced two times a day, soaked her body two times a day in a hot bath, stopped eating sweets, salty foods, and did coffee enemas twice a day.  She has her body checked every year and there have been no problems so far. Ms. Kawada is living a happy life after diagnosis.

This last method and patient example is one that blew my mind when I heard it in the documentary! Dr. Seiichiro Yashinouchi uses the Echo H2 machine, a machine that infuses healing frequencies into water.  This water is referred to as Hado water. After measuring the vibration of energy, Dr. Yashinouchi uses that information to imprint into the water in order to heal the person. “Usually when I use Hado technology, I check the person’s energy and I create a custom water specifically for them.  However, if they don’t come to see me personally, they can still drink the generic Hado water that has basic health information in it’” Dr. Yashinouchi says.

Here’s the part that really blew me away! Dr. Yashinouchi tells the story of a young movie director who was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Tetsu Shiratori was diagnosed with a tumor that was right in the center of his brain. He was told that the tumor was terminal and an operation to remove it would be way too risky. The director decided to wait and he began drinking Hado water. Dr. Yashinouchi detected his brain tumor using the MRA machine and then he checked the root cause of the tumor, which was a very strong fear. Fear was the cause of the tumor!  The director went under hypnotherapy and Dr. Yashinouchi and his team discovered that in his mind, he strongly believed that a lion had eaten his head when he was a little boy in a past life, which was causing the fear. The director kept coming back to Dr. Yashinouchi who continued to adapt his Hado water as his health improved. Then 1 year later he went back to the hospital and his brain tumor was completely gone!

Instantly when I read this story about the director, it took me back to all the verses in the bible that tell us not to fear, not to worry, or be anxious.  Fear, worry, and stress literally set the groundwork for illness and disease in our bodies! In this documentary the director, Tetsu Shiratori is also interviewed and he speaks on how he came to the realization that healing has to involve the mind, body, and spirit, a good thing for ALL of us to keep in mind. This is why our faith is so important to us. While our faith is centered around all things spiritual, that faith materializes for us in the physical world in how we think, which dictates how we act as well.  This was such an eye-opener and a powerful documentary, chocked full of encouraging information for those who may be dealing with cancer, or have loved ones dealing with it. Cancer is NOT a death sentence and we don’t have to accept it as such. These methods show that God has given us everything we need here on this earth (outside of conventional medicine) to heal our bodies and with the diagnosis of cancer, healthy life is very much attainable!

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