Cancer Fighting Juice Recipe


We all have cancer cells.

The difference between a person who has been diagnosed and one who hasn’t is the number of cells one has. Our bodies were made to locate those mutated cells and get rid of them. The problem with someone who has cancer is those cells are multiplying more rapidly than our bodies can fight them off.

Today, in honor of and closing out Ovarian Cancer awareness month, I’m going to share some juices with you that are great at fighting cancer.

When I think about fighting cancer with these healing foods I’m going to share with you in this post, I think about them as proactive vs., reactive methods but even if you have a cancer diagnosis already, changing your diet now can truly make a world of difference. I recently spoke with 2 oncologists and I asked both of them if they felt that changing your diet could make a difference in a cancer diagnosis. One of them believed in and was educated in holistic medicine while the other one wasn’t really familiar with it at all. The one who believed in holistic medicine said changes in your diet 100% make a difference. Even when you’re going through chemo and or radiation, it strengthens your body in order to be able to tolerate the chemo and radiation better. But when I spoke to the oncologist who wasn’t as familiar with holistic medicine, this particular doctor responded with, “Yeah, just drink an Ensure or Boost.” So, let me put this into perspective for you:

When a cancer patient goes for chemo, they put a bit of sugar in the chemo. The sugar goes first because cancer loves sugar. That’s what it feeds on. So, while the cancer is feeding on the sugar, the chemo can find it and then kill it. Now, I’m not a rocket scientist or anything like that, BUT, wouldn’t it make more sense to simply eliminate the sugar from your diet in the first place so that the cancer has nothing to feed on? And oh, guess what’s in Ensure and Boost drinks? SUGAR!

Now, before I get into the actual juice I’m going to make, I want to talk to you about some outstanding cancer fighting foods. All of these foods won’t be included in the juice, but they are great to add into your diet and you should absolutely consider doing so!

  • Mushrooms-Great source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D3, to be exact, is a hormone that our body actually creates when we sit out in the sun. Unfortunately most of us in this country are Vitamin D3 deficient. If you discover that you’re vitamin D deficient and you desire to take a supplement, make sure it’s Vitamin D3, which is what our bodies produce and not the synthetic Vitamin D2. Mushrooms are a great source for it!
  • Nuts – High in Omega 3’s and they’re just an amazing healthy fat, which will help with your cell structure. I personally love raw cashews! They have 18% of the healthy fat intake that you need for the day and you can buy them in bulk, guess where? My favorite place: Costco!
  • Flaxseed – naturalNow I know this may sound weird but guess what flaxseed is an excellent replacement for? Egg! No, not scrambled eggs of course, but you can use them as a replacement for egg in baking recipes, and so on. You can also use them as natural thickeners for sauces.
  • Pumpkin seeds – Pumpkin seeds contain 39% of your required magnesium and 22% of your required iron intake.
  • Hemp hearts – Another high source of magnesium!
  • Berries – I use organic frozen berries from Costco. The darker the berry, the higher it is in anti-oxidants, which are the fighters of free radicals that may be floating around in our bodies. Free radicals are those cells in your body that want to just go and do their own little thing but we can’t have that! These are the cells that attach onto other cells and cause cancer.
  • Turmeric root – Amazing anti-inflammatory! We have so many illnesses in this country because our bodies are so inflamed all the time. Most of us are dealing with a low level of inflammation all of the time if we follow a standard American diet. Yep, that’s where these extended bellies come from.

Some other honorable mention, cancer fighting foods are: Mixed greens like chard, kale, and lettuce. Spinach, and broccoli/broccoli sprouts. There’s also important spices such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and pepper!


Now, let’s get to the juice! As you’ve heard me say plenty of times here at Cleangoodeats, I don’t go by recipe. I go by taste. So with that being said, make sure you adjust these ingredients to your liking.

A recipe for the ultimate cancer-fighting green juice! Juice all of the ingredients below, one ingredient at a time. I personally like to juice mine in separate containers so that I can add in each ingredient as needed to control the taste!

  • 3-4 Leaves Dino and Red Kale – Be sure to remove the stem or the juice will be extremely bitter.
  • 3-4 stalks Celery
  • 2-3 Carrots
  • 1/2 Green apple – With the peel.
  • 1/2 Lemon – With the peel.
  • Thumb size piece of Ginger – With the peel

 The peel is where the fiber is!

Speaking of fiber, let’s talk a little about why it’s so important in our diet: Our digestive system is supposed to take no longer than 24-30 hours to break down our food. From the time it enters our mouths to the time it’s excreted. But because our diets are so bad in America, the average time for Americans is 72 hours, which means, we are full of inflammation and constipation. There was a study conducted on nursing homes and it showed that it took those who occupy nursing homes 2 weeks to properly digest the foods they intake. That’s a long time for poop toxins to exist in your body! “Poop toxins”…that’s my non-scientific term for those things taking up residence in your body that shouldn’t be there!


In addition to the cancer-fighting juice, here are a couple of free recipes that pack a powerful, cancer-fighting punch!

  • Green Lemonade
    • 1 lemon
    • 3 to 4 green apples
    • A little bit of ginger.
    • Delicious, cleansing and full of vitamin c!
  • Green Smoothie
    • Coconut milk or water
    • spinach
    • green mango
  • Protein powder – I made this protein powder for my husband because he can’t process certain ingredients that come in most plant based protein powders. Here’s one that’s easily digestible for those of you who may need it!
    • 1/2 cup Hemp
    • 1 cup Almond Meal
    • 1/2 Chia Seed

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