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After discovering that one of her children suffered from severe food allergies and her husband from an undiagnosed medical condition, Sakinah set out on a mission to heal her family with proper nutrition.

Passionate about health, wellness, and education, this Army veteran, wife and mother of 3 is determined to expand her mission to families around the world and bring them back to the dinner table…one meal at a time. She specializes in individual and limited eating styles (gluten-free, vegan, paleo, high food allergy and sensitivity) and loves empowering families to learn what it takes to establish healthy relationships with food and each other.

Featured on ABC and Boss Lady Coaching, Sakinah Bunch, is the CEO of Cleangoodeats, a #1 Bestselling Author, Wellness Ambassador, Relationship Health and Wellness Coach, Mentor, Army Veteran, Army spouse for more than two decades and home educating mother of three. Sakinah discovered her daughter was allergic to all but four foods, and her husband was diagnosed with an incurable, food-related chromosome disorder, she had to educate herself and learn to cook – fast. Her struggles inspired her to create Cleangoodeats, which reconnects families by teaching healthful cooking and holistic wellness by showing people how to make allergy-friendly, gluten-free and specialized meals.

About Cleangoodeats

The Cleangoodeats Mission

Cleangoodeats’ mission was and always will be to “bring the family back to the table…one meal and one relationship at a time.”

Why I Do What I Do

Health and Wellness

I plunged into this journey of nutrition because one of my children had severe food allergies coupled with asthma. I stumbled into the wellness arena because my husband was diagnosed with a condition for which the current medical establishment still has no proper resolution.


Living with severe food allergies can be a lonely and frightening place. Social gatherings can be a headache at best and wreak havoc on familial relationships and be fatal at worst. When you do not know how to properly care for yourself or your loved one you can feel helpless. Because of what my family and I endured, I resolved to solve the food allergy care dilemma for others, so that no family should endure the dark side of food allergy care. Through the trials, bumps, and rollercoaster ride that was our life, a passion for health and wellness was born.

Family Relationships

The table is the place where the family gathers together. For years the table in my home was empty. Void of laughter, fellowship, love, and joy. My husband and I saw eye to eye on nothing. We spoke at each other instead of communicating with each other. In the moments when the arguing ceased the long bouts of silence were deafening. This was no way to live.


This was not a healthy environment in which to raise our family. It wasn’t until we both made the conscious decision to change and employ key biblical concepts in radical ways did we begin to mend those areas that were broken. I vowed that if I could make it through one of the darkest periods of my life I would impart this knowledge on as many wives as possible so they could avoid making similar mistakes.

Intimacy Begins In The Kitchen

Intimacy begins in the kitchen

Sakinah Bunch offers up clean eats that also double as aphrodisiacs.

Put down that preservative-filled snack and pick up a clean, good eat.

Sakinah Bunch of Clean Good Eats had to learn how to make not healthy food, but good tasting food when her daughter was born with severe food allergies.

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