Cold and Flu Season

It’s unfortunately that time of year again. Yes, we’re talking about the infamous cold and flu season. The time of year when havoc can be wreaked on even the healthiest of immune systems. Believe it or not, most people see being struck during cold and flu season as unavoidable, mainly due to factors such as public transportation and the work place. But, there’s good news! 

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Even when being confined to the trappings of an office cubicle, airplane, or subway car, there are 3 simple ways you can avoid this temporary but inconvenient invasion of your health.

3 Effective ways to fight it off 

Wash your hands – While this may seem like a “duh” inspiring solution, not everyone gets a gold star when it comes to hand hygiene. As a matter of fact, it can be such an after thought for some people that there are entire trainings and protocols devoted to it in the healthcare industry. Make sure you scrub everything from the front and back of your hands to underneath your fingernails, especially when out and about in public.

Maintain a healthy diet and get some sleep – I know this sounds like go-to advice for everything but that’s because it is, well, go-to advice for everything! Make a habit of consuming lots of good vegetables, fruit, and water daily. Foods that are rich in vitamins C, D, and E are believed to boost the immune system. You can include good, herbal teas as well. Maintaining a healthy diet aids in warding off microorganisms that increase rapidly when you spend most of your time in enclosed spaces. Also, as part of your diet, get plenty of sleep, at least 7 to 9 hours daily.

Exercise regularly – As tough as it can be to maintain your workouts in cold weather, do your best not to neglect them and if you don’t already have a routine of regular exercise, start one. Whether you’re working out at home or at the gym, exercising keeps your immune system strong and healthy, making it a lot harder for you to become a statistic during cold & flu season.

These very simple steps taken to minimize your chances of catching a cold or flue this season are common place but effective. Should you happen to become sick however, and your symptoms seem to grow worse after three days, see your doctor as soon as possible. Always be sure to listen to your body and get the rest you need.

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